Control and power across white unpaved roads, trails and roots. Checkpoints in a race and checkpoints across the landscape of a journey planned, as dots that you want to join together, bringing maps to life. The Rapid Red Carbon 700C are the wheels that will ensure that you cross the landscape quickly and have fun doing it.

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• Lightness and reactivity are guaranteed by the S-Shape asymmetrical profile carbon rim

• Tubeless-specific non-drilled bridge: 2 Way Fit™

• 30 mm high profile with a mini-hook system

• Wide inner rim width of 25 mm

• Cup and cone bearings guarantee exceptional smoothness

• Weight: 1490 g

Over 4300 hours of severe lab testing and a restless pursuit of technical perfection have brought to life a wheel proven to last in severe conditions and that won’t hold you back to race yourself or explore new landscapes

From the asymmetric carbon rim design optimizing tension, the light & tough non drilled rim bridge laced with 28 straight pull spokes to an adjustable cup & cone bearings hub, all the elements work as one to amaze with a 1490-gram wheelset designed for gravel

Lightness and reactivity are guaranteed by the S-Shape 
asymmetrical profile carbon rim.

This technology improves the balance between the tension of the spokes, decreasing the difference in the dish angle between the spokes on both sides of the wheel. 

The optimised balance ensures long term performance levels. Moreover the unique shape of the rim profile increases stiffness by 2.5% compared to a traditional U-shaped profile.  

As far as the hubs are concerned, we have opted for a straight-pull setup to optimise weights and obtain the perfect radial assembly of the spokes.

By creating the holes for the nipples directly in the mould and perfectly angled with the hub, thanks also to the S-Shape technology, we achieve the optimal alignment with the hub. 

Last but not least, the cup and cone bearings guarantee exceptional smoothness and allow you to check for any play. Moreover the performance can be further enhanced with a replacement kit of ceramic coated bearings. 

To achieve the maximum performance with tubeless tyres, the Rapid Red Carbon feature a tubeless-specific non-drilled bridge: 2-Way Fit

This practical, reliable and weight saving solution lets you fit tubeless tyres without rim tape. The non-drilled bridge has a C-Lux Finish, a mirror-like finish that makes it easier to install the tyre. 

The wheel assembly is completed with Mo-Mag technology, which uses a simple and ingenious solution to seat the nipple on the rim hole with a magnet. 

Lab tested /
real world ridden

Of the 8 riders who took part in Badlands, the unsupported ultracycling gravel event, on Rapid Red Carbon wheels, testing them over the 746 km route and 16,216 m of climbing, Mattia De Marchi (Enough Team) won first place overall and Marion Dziwnik (Votec Team) was the first placed woman.

The wheels passed with flying colours!

Not only fast, the new Rapid Red Carbon are also a reference point in terms of reliability.

It took us 4,295 hours of lab tests with different prototypes and lamination versions, in order to find the optimum balance between resistance to impacts, long-term reliability and the ability to absorb uneven terrain.

The wheel underwent numerous tests, such as: durability, braking, tire overpressure and over 400 impact tests.

Tyre Type: 2-Way fit

Weight: 1490 g

Rim height: Front and rear 30 mm

Rim width: 30,6 mm

Inner rim width: 25 mm

Spokes: Steel double butted, Straight pull

Bearings: Cup & Cone

Freewheel body: XDr, HG11, N3W